Insulated Wires


 Insulated Wires

Electromagnetic wire is a conductive metal wire with an insulating layer, which is widely used in power frequency transformers, high frequency transformers, inductors, motors, and generators. Its function is to generate a magnetic field through current or to cut magnetic lines of force to generate current, so as to achieve mutual conversion of electromagnetic energy.

Product Description

At present, our main agent products are Japanese Yoshikura fully insulated wire and American Rubadue three-layer insulated wire. Here is a brief introduction as follows:

1. Fully Insulated Wire (FIW)

Fully insulated wire is a newly developed product around 2010 and is produced by using brand new technology. In the use of a multi-layer coating process to coat a layer of special insulating varnish on the core wire, a thinner finished wire diameter with higher paint mold strength and heat resistance and electrical resistance is provided. The overall wire diameter is 30% smaller than the three-layer insulated wire, and the surface has no pinholes, reaching the Reinforced insulation level. The benefits are

  • Winding volume reduction → transformer miniaturization
  • Increased output for the same volume → improved performance
  • Fully automated production
  • Overall cost reduction

    2. Triple Insulated Wire (TIW)

    As the name implies, the three-layer insulated wire has three layers of insulation outside the core wire.

    Compared with the traditional enameled wire, the three-layer insulated wire improves the insulation strength of the secondary side, does not need a barrier layer to ensure the safety margin, and does not need to wrap the insulating tape, which greatly reduces the volume of the transformer. Three-layer insulated wires are particularly suitable for winding high-frequency transformers in miniaturized, high-efficiency switching power supplies.

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