When walking on the road, we can see everyone has a mobile phone. When going to work, the laptop, tablet or the TV set to watch TV at home after work are all downstream terminal products of the panel industry; these are all related to our lives. For larger size and higher resolution picture quality tables, 4K screens seem to have popularized electronic products, and 8K picture quality has also come out. The increasing complexity of screen driver ICs and the development of narrow bezels and wearable electronic products have made the assembly of panel glass screens more difficult. In order to reduce the pin pitch and increase the size of the driver IC, as the assembly requirements continue to increase, the material technology must be able to grow with the demand.

The test material products that our company can provide include:

ACF, Conformal Coating, Lead-Free Solder

Large size and strict requirements for use environment

Generally, calling a panel factory several generations refers to the maximum size of the glass substrate during its production. The larger the size, the more panels can be cut, the greater the production capacity, and the higher the technology required. However, the use of panels and the environment have undergone tremendous changes with the development of display technology. The popularization of the display of large outdoor panels and wearable equipment has brought severe challenges to the environment in which the panels are used. In addition to the anti-aging of the assembly materials, the key to enhancing the product life is to use additional three-proof materials to increase the reliability of the entire product.

Display Driver IC Assembly

The increase in demand for pixels and the expansion of panels, the reduction of COB and COG assembly pin spacing, and the enlargement of the driver IC size have brought many challenges to the assembly of panels. The condition parameters of production and assembly, product stability and reliability must be considered when materials are selected in assembly.