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Altra on Excellence Magazine!

Altra has funded a charity video hosted by Excellence Magazine, and was interviewed about our recent operation. Read the full article on Excellence Magazine No. 439!
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Robotic Trends 2022

IFR (International Federation of Robotics) pointed out that industrial robot is now facing mass requirements of enterprise transformation and digitalization, and...
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2022 Taitronics X AIoT on October !

2022 Taitronics X AIoT is having exhibition on 10/26~10/28. Click on the button below to view more details.

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Product Information

Electronic Materials and Equipment

Metallic Materials

Polymer Materials

Ceramic and Glass Materials

Product Category

Insulated Tube
NT Alloy
Conformal Coating
 Probe Pin

Application Market  

Semiconductor Tests

The IC manufacturing process can never reach 100% yield, so before putting the IC on the system, it must be tested to determine the normality and integrity of the IC function to reduce the cost.

The test material products that our company can provide include the components on the probe card, etc.  

MWB, MLC, Polyimide Tubes, Machinable CeramicEpoxy and Probe Pin

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Coil Motor and Transformer

Motors and transformers are the basic components of modern power tools. Coils appear in almost all products that require electromagnetic induction. The selection and use of its raw materials affect the quality and stability of the finished product.

The materials that our company can provide include wires, varnish, conformal coating, Lead-free solder, etc.

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Automotive Parts

Automotive parts include electronic components and power system parts. With the development of electric vehicles, electronic components are used more and more, and the market is promising. The market demand for basic materials such as PCB boards will also gradually increase.

The materials that our company can provide include wires, varnish, conformal coating, Lead-free solder, etc.

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For larger size and higher resolution image quality performance, 4K screens seem to have been popularized in electronic products. 8K pixels have also come out. The more complex screen driver ICs and the popularity of narrow bezels and wearable electronic products have made the assembly of glass screens more and more difficult, which is the development trend of panel and IC assembly.

The materials that our company can provide include wires, ACF, conformal coating, Lead-free solder, etc

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Medical Use

The scope of medical equipment is wide, and you can see it everywhere in your life, such as the instruments, devices, appliances, accessories and parts that diagnose, treat, alleviate or directly prevent diseases in the human body structure and functions.

The materials that our company can provide include insulated wires, conformal coating, nickel-titanium alloy, Lead-free solder, etc.

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