Automotive Parts

Vehicle parts can be divided into two parts: vehicle electronic control system and power system. Power systems include motors, gearboxes, transmission shafts, etc.; electronic control systems are mainly on-board systems, ignition devices, power management systems, etc.

In the past, most manufacturers focused on power systems; however, with the miniaturization of microprocessors and the gradual acceptance of hybrid electric vehicles and new energy vehicles by consumers, the importance of electronic control systems is increasing.

The products in this market that our company can provide include:

Conformal Coating, Varnish, Lead-Free solder 

三防胶 Conformal Coating
Conformal Coating
凡立水 Varnish
Pb free solder
Lead-Free Solder

Automotive Electronics

There are various types of automotive electronic control systems, including engine management, ignition systems, and on-board computers. With the popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles, the demand for automotive electronics will gradually increase.

Automotive Powertrain

All electronic systems need good PCB boards. Conformal coating and varnish can form a protective film on the PCB board to strengthen the moisture, pollution, dust, and chemical pollution of electronic products. It can also prevent corrosion caused by contact between solder joints and conductors and air and eliminate electromagnetic interference to achieve insulation.