Probe Pin                                                            

Probe Pin

As the direct contact interface between the probe card and the wafer in the wafer test and as one of the three key components of the probe card (PCB, Substrate, Porbe), the probe plays an extremely important role in the wafer test. Under the conditions, the stable and continuous contact test transmits the electrical signal from the wafer bump pins to the test machine to determine the production yield of each DUT of the wafer, saving subsequent packaging costs

Product Description

According to different product shapes, the horizontal probes and vertical probes are separated.

1. Cantilever Probe Pin

The probe tip is etched or polished horizontally to the wafer, and bent to the correct angle at the right place, so that the tip of the probe can correctly contact the PAD on the wafer, and the communication of each chip PAD is sent back to the testing machine to determine the production quality of each chip.

2. Vertical Probe Pin

Following Moore's Law, semiconductor design technology has developed rapidly, and the complexity of chips has increased dramatically. Usually the pin shapes of the chips used in the logic field have irregular arrangements. To complete such a non-standard layout of the pin test, it is necessary to use the vertical probe card.

COBRA PROBE is the core part used in the vertical probe card. It can use high-density vertical insertion, overcome the complicated design and test, and simplify the maintenance and replacement of the subsequent probe card.