Medical Use

Medical equipment is one of the fastest growing fields in life sciences.

In the common people's impression, most of the medical devices are electronic devices with complicated operations in hospitals. But its scope is wide, and it can be seen everywhere in our lives.

The industry is quite extensive, including instruments, appliances, appliances, accessories and parts that diagnose, treat, alleviate or directly prevent diseases in the human body structure and functions.

The materials and products that our company can provide include:

Insulated Wires, Insulated Tube, NT Alloy, Conformal Coating, Lead-Free Solder

Biomedical Materials

Biomedical materials are generally used in vivo or in vitro. The biggest feature is that it will continue to contact tissues, body fluids and blood and can even be implanted or combined with the body to become a part of the body. These materials include bone nails, artificial joints, cardiovascular braces, artificial cartilage... etc.

Medical Equipment

Hospitals are filled with all kinds of large-scale medical equipment. Since medical machines are often high-load electrical appliances, they have strict requirements for power supplies. Three-layer insulated wires can be used, with spiral overlapping layers, and a considerable level of isolation material is used. At least 2 x MOOP isolation level under VAC.

After the instrument is coated with conformal coating, it can have a certain insulation effect to prevent leakage and ensure the safety of personnel during use.