Fully insulated wire KFIW(3~9)-B

Manufacturer: Yoshikura, Japan
Product model: KFIW(3~9)-B

Yoshikura's fully insulated wire is produced by Yoshikura's own technology and equipped with brand new German technology and equipment. Wrapped with 20-40 layers of paint film around the core wire, the reinforced insulation level can be achieved. 

The thickness is 30-40% lower than that of the three-layer insulated wire, making the product design smaller and more flexible. Strengthening the paint film strength and high wear resistance can let the product matched with most automation equipment. 

In addition, it can be directly tinned at low temperature, effectively reducing plant energy consumption and improving safety factor. 


    • The first international EIS certification passed, with complete VDE and monomer certification.
    • Wire diameter is 0.08-1.2 mm, which is the most complete in the industry.
    • Reduced thickness of the insulating layer with about 30% thickness reduction.

    • Low temperature straight tin 410-430℃/ 1~4S

    • Withstanding voltage can reach above 16kv.

    • Being suitable for markets such as automotive and high-frequency transformers.

    • Complying with UL Type B (130℃) and Type F (155℃) specifications.

Specification Table

Package: Sold as a whole shaft, with different lengths depending on the wire diameter


Safety Certification



SGS Report


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