Triple Insulated Wire KTW-B/F

Manufacturer: Yoshikura, Japan

Product model: KTW-B/F


The three-layer insulated wire from Yoshikura, Japan, is suitable for high-frequency transformers and inductor windings. There are two specifications- UL Type B (130℃) and Type F (155℃).


      • The first and second layers of the B regulation (130℃) are made of PET resin, and the third layer is made of PA resin
      • The outer layer of the F regulation (155℃) is covered with insulating material Telflon with excellent durability.
      • There is no need to remove when soldering with good direct solderability.
      • Both specifications are made of materials specified in UL No. E353894
      • Yellow in appearance

Specification Table

Package: Sold as a whole shaft, with different lengths depending on the wire diameter. 

The allowable delivery length is +5% - 0%

SGS Report


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