Conformal coating SL 1307 FLZ

Manufacturer: Peters, Germany

Product model: ELPEGUARD® SL 1307 FLZ

Type: Acrylic


The SL 1307 FLZ series is used to protect and isolate the assembled printed circuit boards and provide protection and insulation to meet the requirements of higher product quality, reliability and service life. Due to its moisture-proof and anti-condensation properties, it can achieve an excellent anti-corrosion effect.


Working temperature: -65~+125 ℃

Passing UL94 and UL746E certification 
(No.: E80315)

Good resistance to aging and yellowing

Passing four kinds of corrosive gas tests

Being based on    DIN EN 60068-2-60和BMW GS95003-4

Repairable and reworked

Using the corresponding thinner V 1307 FLZ

Passing IPC-CC-803B

Passing the anti-mold test IPC-TM-650 with growth index 0

The viscosity can be adjusted at will to adapt to various coating methods

Being fluorescent for easy check

Specification Table

Please contact us for detailed specifications.

Packaging: 5KG/barrel       

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