Manufacturer: MG Chemical, Canada

Product model419D

Type: Acrylic


419D is a toluene and xylene-free coating that has a smooth appearance after curing. It is easy to apply it and it can be processed in 10 minutes. It can be removed with a suitable HoTweezer or welded for repair or heavy work.

419D creates a strong moisture barrier that protects printed circuit boards in humid environments. It can effectively prevent moisture, corrosion, fungus, dirt, dust, thermal shock, short circuit, high voltage arc and electrostatic discharge.


Working temperature:-65~+125 ℃

Complying with UL 94-V-0 certification (File#  E203094)


Easy check

Fluorescence under UV-A light

Protecting electronic equipment from moisture, corrosion, and fungus.

Complying with IPC-CC-830B

Easy to rework and repair

It can be removed with thinner 4352 or HoTweezer.

Specification Table

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