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Integrated GaN ICs deliver higher efficiency, power density and system reliability

2021/09/22 01:59 PM By Will.Hsu - Comment(s)

Texas Instruments announced its gallium nitride (GaN) technology and C2000™ real-time microcontrollers (MCUs) are being combined with Delta Electronics' high-efficiency power electronics expertise in the design of an enterprise server power-supply unit (PSU) featuring an 80% improvement in powe...

TPCA Show Taipei

2021/09/08 02:04 PM By Will.Hsu - Comment(s)
TPCA Show Taipei

Due to global cencerns related to COVID-19, TPCA complies with the government's epidemic prevention regulations to ensure the health and safety of all paticipants.

TPCA Show TAIPEI 2021, orginally scheduled for Oct.20-22, is officially postponed to a later date.


Online Seminar for Experiment Comparison of Yoshikura Fully Insulated Wires VS. Japanese Triple Insulated Wires 

2020/10/23 03:15 PM By Will.Hsu - Comment(s)
Yoshikura Fully Insulated Wire vs. Japanese Triple Insulated Wire Does Yoshikura fully insulated wire really have better performance than Triple Insulated Wire?