Online Seminar for Experiment Comparison of Yoshikura Fully Insulated Wires VS. Japanese Triple Insulated Wires 

2020/10/23 03:15 PM By Will.Hsu

Actual combat!

Yoshikura Fully Insulated Wire vs. Japanese Triple Insulated Wire

Does Yoshikura fully insulated wire really have better performance than Triple Insulated Wire?

Voltage resistance, thermal shock resistance and direct solderability of wires are the focus of many R&D and field engineers when selecting materials. In this online seminar, these three aspects will be further explained.

We will also live test the solderability of Triple Insulated Wire and Yoshikura's Fully insulated wire! Don’t miss it!

ALTRA will hold an online seminar on Nov. 4 (wed) 1500-1600 to discuss the key metrics for each of TIW and FIW.

Welcome to come and give advice. 

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