Conformal Coating 4223F

Manufacturer: MG Chemical, Canada 

Product model:4223F

Type: Polyurethane


4223F has a smooth appearance after curing. It is easy to apply it and it can be processed in 15 minutes. It takes only 2 hours to cure at 100°C (212°F). It can be removed with a suitable HoTweezer or welded for repair or heavy work.

Printed circuit boards are protected in chemically challenging environments. It has a powerful protective effect and can effectively prevent moisture, corrosion, fungus, dirt, dust, thermal shock, abrasion, short circuit, high voltage arc and electrostatic discharge.


Working temperature: -40~+145 ℃

Complying with UL 746E certification 

(File# E203094).

Excellent corrosion resistance

Environmental protection materials

Being free of xylene, isocyanate or other harmful air pollutants.

It can emit fluorescence under UA-A for check.

Complying with IPC-CC-830B

High chemical resistance

Being resistant to water, solvents and most household chemicals.

Being suitable for the mechanical spray equipment.

Specification Table

Please contact us for detailed specifications. 

Package: 3.78L/barrel     

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