11/10 Webinar: Advantages of Ultracapacitor and Applications

2022/11/02 03:45 PM By Altra

Teamwork is holding webinar with Altra on 11/10 (Thur.) 15:00~16:00 !
In this webinar, we will talk about: 
1. Brief introduction about ultracapacitor
2. The difference between ultracapacitor and battery
3. Types of ultracapacitor
4. How and where can we apply ultracapacitor

We sincerely invite you to join us on the webinar and provide us with your helpful suggestions.

[Activity Notice]

1. This activity is an online seminar, and please fill in the registration information completely. 
2. Altra reserves the right to review the registration qualifications. Please do not fake the identity of others to avoid breaking the law.
3. Altra reserves the right to adjust the content of the activity. If the time is changed, the updated notice will be given.
4. In case of force majeure factors, such as natural disasters, epidemics, etc., in accordance with the regulations announced by the Administrative Bureau of Personnel Administration of the Executive Yuan, it is decided whether to postpone or not without further notice. Thanks for your consideration for any inconvenience caused.